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Lipstick Rebel Productions was born out of frustration from the lack of exciting and relevant roles for marginalised voices. Our creative focus is to drive awareness and to change attitudes towards women's issues in today's society through the medium of theatre and film. Everything we do is original and of the highest standard. Our aim is to entertain and disarm you with fearless and important stories. Check out our LATEST NEWS page to see what's next on the horizon.


   AMY LEIGH-MATTHEWS          Artistic Director, Producer, Writer, Actor, Director

Amy’s experience as a theatre and film maker comes from her very early years of throwing herself into anything creative. She was first noticed for her acting talent at secondary school by a supportive acting teacher and successfully went on to develop her craft at the East 15 Acting School and later The Actor’s Temple and the Salon Collective. She has performed in plays and short films across a variety of genres including kitchen sink dramas, historical plays and comedy.


She picked up the writing bug only five years ago or so, disgruntled by the poor choices that were on offer for women of her age and background. Who knew that this frustration would grow into a deep seated passion? 2023 saw Lipstick Rebel’s launch production, Women Making Waves, showcasing female writing/stories/performers/creatives! The sell-out show received tremendous applause and set us on the road to our first full length play, Hourglass: A Suffragette’s Story written by Amy herself and her writing partner Vikki Thompson. This will be Amy’s debut as a Director drawing up on her years of experience in the industry.




DEMOLITION One woman’s quest for her fairytale ending, couldn’t be further from the truth. A story of love, friendship and heartache leads Chantelle blindly into the nightmare of all nightmares.

DUCHESS TOURS Travelling on a London open top bus, a handful of tourists get more than they bargained for as the tour is sharply grinded to a halt, giving them no choice but to get on board the Debbie Morris love life crisis tour!

HOURGLASS: A SUFFRAGETTE’S STORY During the course of the Suffragette movement, we follow the story of three inspirational women and their fight to be heard, all with very different outcomes. The twists and turns and high drama will have you on the edge of you seat.


THE PEOPLE INSIDE Everyone Emma gets close to, disappears! Is her mind playing tricks on her or is there something greater at play?


LAST GASP How do we find ourselves in toxic relationships? Is our destiny mapped out from the very beginning? Can dark choices hand us back the control we crave?

AH14729 1_edited.jpg

   VIKKI THOMPSON          Writer, Actor, Director, Producer

Vikki trained at City Lit and studied the Meisner technique at Actors Temple and the Salon Collective. She has also trained in dramatic improvisation with Third Person Theatre Company of which she is a member. She has performed in both scripted and improvised plays, short films and webseries in both comedic and dramatic roles. 


As a writer and director she is passionate about creating more interesting roles for women over 40 and telling a broader range of stories which inter-weave comedy and drama. Her 2021 short film, A Special Place, which she wrote, directed and starred in won an Indiefest Award of Merit. Vikki wrote and directed two of the plays in Women Making Waves - Prosperina Redux (in which she also starred) and In Hitler's Bathtub (based on Lee Miller), she also directed Mrs Poison Cotton and The Servant Problem (the inspiration for Hourglass: A Suffragette's Story) which she co-wrote with Amy and in which they both starred. She has also directed workshops based on Jean Genet's The Maids. 


HOURGLASS: A SUFFRAGETTE’S STORY  During the course of the Suffragette movement, we follow the story of three inspirational women and their fight to be heard, all with very different outcomes. The twists and turns and high drama will have you on the edge of you seat. 


WITH MY PATRICK COX'S ON  Forty-something Emma is alone in what appears to be a European hotel room - but nothing is quite what it seems. Through the course of the play we find out who Emma is and what or who she is waiting for. 


THE QUEEN OF THE MAY Flora, a successful author, is back on the island she grew up on for the annual May Day celebration. But this year's festivities are going to be different. 


I'M STILL STANDING  Based on the of Irmgard Mohler, the only member of the imprisoned Red Army Faction to survive a supposed 'suicide pact'. 

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