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Producer: Amy Leigh-Matthews

Directors: Angela Harvey, Geraldine Brennan, Purdy Ogbourne, Selina Armoudon, Tammy Appenzellar, Vikki Thompson

Writers:  Amy Leigh-Matthews, Angela Harvey, Rebecca Joy Wilson, Selina Armoudon, Michael Luke Walsh, Vikki Thompson

Lighting & Sound Technician: Stephen Morgan

Stage Manager: Harriett Regan

Voice Coach: Anne Whitaker

Special Thank You's

The show would not have been possible without the help from the following people: Actors East, Anna Hawkes

Anne Whitaker, Emma and Leigh Crocombe, Hilldrop Community Centre, Janine Wunsche, Joseph Knell, Joshua Noble, Lana Rathbone, Levi Perdita Ogbourne, Mary Wilson, Saffron Myers

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